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Unlike Facebook and blogging I hadn't used Twitter for personal reasons before creating a library and professional account. The first part of Twitter for me was learning how it worked, what people were posting, and adjusting to the challenge of saying what you need/want to say in 140 characters or less.  Now that I have had some experience with Twitter, the next part is figuring out the best way to automate some of the processes.

What do I want the library to automatically post on Twitter?
New books/materials  as they are available to check out.
New images on Flickr as they are added to the collection.
New digital objects as they are added to the Montana Memory Project.
New blog posts at the library website.
New events on the library calendar.

What other information would be good for libraries to auto-post?

How can this be done?
There are a number of auto-tweeting options out there.  I decided to try twitterfeed.com (feed your blog to twitter) first.

What auto-post applications do you use?

Works with facebook, twitter and other programs.
Shows you how many clicks you have gotten per tweet and from either facebook or twitter.
You can customize your tweet adding a prefix or suffix.
You can decide how many tweets how frequently.
You can even selectively tweet from RSS feeds using search terms.

Does not seem to work with as wide a variety of RSS Feeds as I might like.  I don't know if it will work with forced feeds.
I'm at the time of this posting still experimenting with twitterfeed.com and want to compare it to other auto-posting applications. 
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