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Tech Soup is having a free Twitter Webinar Thursday (3/16/10).  This Webinar will help you learn how to use Twitter and how it fits into providing library services.

From the TechSoup Blog:
Twitter has claimed its place on the short list of communications tools for nonprofits and libraries to consider when designing online strategies. This webinar will survey the Twitter landscape, explaining core concepts, enumerating best practices, and describing the tools and tactics that exist to leverage Twitter's strengths.
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I think I might miss this one but will have to catch the archived version once it goes up.  If you are able to get into this one, tell me about it in the comments.


Link to Interview with Digital Branch Librarian, David Lee King

Catching up with David Lee King , ALA Tech Source, Daniel A. Freeman (03/05/2010).

"David Lee King certainly doesn't need anyone to give him a voice--whether on his blog, through presentations or in publications, when David talks about libraries and technology, people listen. We received tons of positive feedback on David's August 2009 issue of Library Technology Reports, Building the Digital Branch: Guidelines for Transforming Your Library Website and accompanying webinar."
You'll want to read the entire post and follow David Lee King's blog.


Social Networks: Emerging Technology or Common Place?

Follow the Meat Dept on Twitter!

as seen on David Lee King's blog post "Follow the Meat Department on Twitter!"

life today. (if anything else come along, they'll need to get a bigger sign.)
Taken in San Francisco by Flickr user Heather

Now I Hate Everything
Taken by Flickr user Kevin McShane

Where do you see Twitter and Facebook?

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