10 Levels of Intimacy In Today's Communcation

From Please Enjoy - The Work of Ji Lee. Social Networks are an additional way of reaching your service community not a substitute for face-to-face, telephone, and email. Message is more important than method.

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Let's get social! Opening the discussion with a question.

A few weeks ago I discovered through pure serendipity that the West Yellowstone Public Library had a Facebook Fan Page (an active one at that!).  As the Digital Collections Librarian at Butte-Silver Bow Public Library, charged with creating and maintaining our social presence online (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter), I felt like I had been working in the dark.  I was not aware of all the other Montana libraries (link to list) also reaching the public through social networking tools.  Not only should we all know what libraries are getting social online but also what social tools we are using and what tricks we have learned.  

I'm going to be presenting "Your Library Can Be Everywhere - Social Networking" with Matt Beckstrom, Lewis & Clark Library; and Maggie Meredith, Statewide Consulting Librarian at the Broad Valleys Federation Meeting next Friday March 5th.  I'll be talking about the social tools we use at Butte-Silver Bow.  I've decided to use one of the tools (blogging) to create the presentation itself.

So to start the conversation off online, pre-session, I'm asking you, dear reader to make a comment. Tell us here at Broad Valleys ONE thing you do at your library with social networking tools and what tools you use to do it.

I'll start:  At the Butte-Silver Bow Public Library we have a twitter account: www.twitter.com/ButtePubLibrary that is used to push out events going on at the library each week and each day.  This allows people who follow us on Twitter and those searching for things to do in Butte to find that information.

Ok, now it's your turn... 

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